As director of The Obituary Project, a compendium of experimental salvage ethnography that transforms a quotidian form of narrative, Hope Tucker reframes the passing of sites, people, communities, rituals, cultural markers, and ways of being.

She has documented shuttered bread factories, fallen witness trees, and disappearing civil rights era landmarks; animated cyanotypes of downwinders and old instructions for making fishing nets by hand; recorded mobile phone footage of the last public phone booths in Finland; written the entire text of a video out of paper clips, a Norwegian symbol of nonviolent resistance; and retraced the path of protest that closed the only nuclear power plant in Austria.

Like all obituaries, these are selective interpretations of rich and complex lives. The Obituary Project rearranges the contours of biography by acknowledging the attributes by which we learn to recognize and which become markers of authentic life.

Recent screenings include Antimatter, Victoria, BC; ar/ge kunst Galleria Museo, Bolzano; Blickle Kino, 21er Haus, Vienna; Chicago Underground; Kassel Dokfest; Flatpack Festival, Birmingham; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Iowa City Docs; Images, Toronto; Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino; Open City Docs, London; Punto de Vista, Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Navarra; Seattle International; Views from the Avant-Garde at the New York Film Festival; ZagrebDox.

Upcoming: the Ann Arbor Film Festival tour; Cairo Video Fest, Extended Program; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück; KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest; Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival; Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe

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